Let me tell you about the tragedy of DIY Bob

DIY Bob had a great business idea. Bob was excited to get started, so he spent a few hours making his perfect website, and he was thrilled. A little later, Bob wanted to add a new feature to his website, so he spent a few hours researching how and found the perfect plugin.

As time went on, Bob added new features, each time spending a few hours learning how.

Sometimes a plugin he was using would stop working. Bob wanted to save money, so he often chose free plugins, which sometimes suffer from poor support. Whenever this happened, Bob would spend a few more hours researching a new solution.

Bob woke up one Saturday morning to an inbox full of angry customers. His website software had updated to the latest version overnight.

Unfortunately, many of Bob's plugins were not compatible with this version. Bob's website was a mess, and Bob couldn't take it anymore.

Bob became so sick of maintaining his website that he gave up on his business entirely and became a miserable life insurance salesman.

Jolly Tom also had a great business idea, but Tom knew to stick with his specialty, so he outsourced his website work to an expert.

Without the constant distractions, Tom's business grew twice as fast. Tom slept well at night knowing that his website was protected from spam, hackers, and crashes. Tom's customers were thrilled with the blazing speed and polished features.

Don't be like DIY Bob. Be like Jolly Tom, and outsource your web development today.

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In a world filled with cookie cutter templates, stand out with a custom website and the exact features you need.

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Rest assured, your website will look and function great on any screen.


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